November 3, 2014

3D prints in Harlem

On Imaan: Prada wool jacket, $3,620 Prada poplin shirt, $1,040, Prada leather belt, $370, Prada compact denim trousers, $650, Gucci large tote bag, $2,900 

On Imaan: 
Louis Vuitton vinyl and mink jacket, price available upon request Louis Vuitton floral firework–print scuba jacket, $1,920 Louis Vuitton floral firework print wool skirt, $2,220 

On Imaan: Calvin Klein Collection indigo graphic rib top, $1,195, Miu Miu silk trousers

On Naleye: 
Orley brooks striped polo in camel, $345 Prada compact denim trousers, $650 Rue St. Denis vintage collections shoe 
On Imaan: 
Marc by Marc Jacobs checkerboard satin top, $258 Gucci dark blue stone oversize sailor jeans, $850 
Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane leather sneakers, $645 Loewe triangle bag, $1,690 

Lovely lovely clothes. Is it only me or are designer duds and bags getting way too expensive? Is it really necessary to spend $850 on a pair of jeans? Let me think. No. I don't need jeans with a Prada label. And I love how all the mags list the prices nonchalantly as if we all can afford it. Dude, we can't. So, admire the clothes, look at editorials for inspiration; how to wear what, combine print trousers with a solid colored top, a solid jacket with print underneath, for shapes, for lengths. Then go plot your coup de garderobe.

In the spirit of investment purchases and the 'buy less buy well' mo: the Prada wool jacket in the first photo is the only item I'd consider. It's not too crazy, has muted colors, a great classic fit i.e. I could wear it forevs. Prada does quality and expert tailoring. Goes with jeans, works with a skirt. The Louis Vuitton vinyl&mink jacket is cute too but 'price upon request' means 'you can't afford it if you have to ask' so I'll pass on that one. Don't get me started on the $645 for a pair of designer sneakers. You just do not buy designer sneakers. End of discussion.

The jeans issue: you can get great jeans for under $300. In fact, if you troll the shops along 8th Ave between 38th and 47th street, you will find an awesome pair for under $100. If you are ever in Southeast Asia, ask any tailor to tailor you a pair of silk trousers. Second hand shops and flea markets are the way to go for retro trousers and prints. Go forth. Seek and you shall find.

Photographed by Alessio Boni | Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham for Vogue US

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