October 24, 2014

why? the best break up song ever

Annie Lennox has just released a new album on CD and vinyl. She was on Charlie Rose just now talking about it. It's a collection of classic jazz songs from the 1930's interpreted in a kind of modernist way.  Cooler in tone and feeling. Different. Wonderful. The magnificence of the songs (Summertime, Georgia, Mood Indigo, Strange Fruit, I put a Spell on You and more) was her entry point to encounter the songs like a stranger allowing her to make her own connection.

To celebrate the awesome Annie, one of the songs I am sure you've all listened to after a break up - why. You know, when you play the song on repeat, sing along, cry, face streaked with mascara and smudged lipstick (all very dramatic), cry some more, sing into the mirror till you fall asleep. In the morning, think you yourself: your loss asshole! I will survive. Or you listen to the song again. Getting over a break up can take time. Perfect song to wallow.

The video is directed by Sophie Muller. Totally Diva. Remind yourself you're one. Always.

to watch the video why, click here
Why is from the album Diva available on iTunes 

to listen to songs from Annie Lennox's new album, Nostalgia, go to the iTunes store. A lovely present for anyone (and you know, even if someone is not an overt fan, newly interpreted classic jazz is a treat for anyone and everyone)

To listen to the October 2014 interview with Annie Lennox and Charlie Rose, click here

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