October 4, 2014

health love: Kate Moss and Think Dirty

No, Kate Moss doesn't have anything to do with Think Dirty. At least not the Think Dirty I mean. Kate Moss is on board with Stella McCartney and her lingerie line Gemma. The proceeds from sales of the special edition line in pink go to the Linda McCartney foundation in the fight against breast cancer - specifically, to make it easier for more reliable and earlier diagnosis
In other health news: get yourself an app that scans beauty products for toxic ingredients. I've already gone through all my products and they passed. From now on, everything gets scanned that I put on my skin.
Think Dirty (iphone only)
Skin Deep (iphone and android)
Tox Fox (German Language App)
Noteo (French Language App)
All available on itunes. If you know other country specific apps, please post them in the comments section. With the tools we now have available that are so easy to use, there's no excuse to support products that can make us sick. Change the world ladies!


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