October 8, 2014

description: street style at the coffee shop


No camera on me this morning when I saw a cool chick standing in line for coffee. She was wearing dark denim skinny jeans with white worn out adidas sneakers, a black bomber jacket, underneath a simple grey sweatshirt. She was taller than me - so about 5'9" - and yes, skinny. Slim skinny. A narrow frame I've always noticed on English ballet dancers. The type where you think, no baby could ever fit between those hips. Why I immediately thought of being pregnant, no idea. But seriously, that's what you think when you see those slim-hipped girls. Her silver platinum hair was a mess and tied up in a haphazard knot, eyeliner, nose piercing, pale. And she didn't take any sugar in her grande cappuccino which inspired me to take only one sugar instead of three.

The other girl I saw this morning was petite and slim. Green cord jeans with black boots, a short puffer jacket (which I really don't like but it suited her; her aquiline nose foretalling cutsey) a grey T-shirt underneath and a camo scarf. Long (natural) red hair in a sloppy low bun. Loved the olive green trousers which I have added to my list. Very cool.

I wish I could have snapped them. Instead theres the girl in fuschia and green with a poncho above. From Italian Vogue. I couldn't think of what to say about this pic anyway.




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