September 23, 2014

Downton Abbey is back

Episode one of the fifth season leads us across the wide expanses of land surrounding Downton Abbey, through the entrance, right back into the thick of things with Barrow and his oiled intrigue against Miss Baxter, Lord Grantham struggling with change (but still doggedly giving it a go) and the cool Lady Mary accepting an indecent proposal (but that comes later). Season five actually opens with Lady Edith biking down the lane. But you know what I mean. It's wonderful being back!
Our hand (gloved, naturally) is held gently as we are taken for a tour of upstairs, downstairs, the village (with our best hat on of course), to the far reaches of the estate and back again just in time for afternoon tea with Lady Violet who continues to entertain us with dry wit of the most exquisite vintage. So now we know again what's going on - the year is1924 - the upper class continues to crumble elegantly over tea.
The various plotlines pretty much pick up where we left off a year ago. Maybe a few months have passed. A lot happens in this first episode and it's wonderful. Well, not all the events are wonderful but it's wonderful to have everyone back.
Downton Abbey Season 5 (and it may be the last!) showing now on itv in the United Kingdom

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