June 16, 2014

a work of art: Tilda Swinton

We have a Tilda and boyfriend Sandro Kopp sighting in New York City. Ms. Swinton is currently shooting a movie called "Trainwreck".  Her boyfriend is an 'artiste' (of course. Not sarcastic 'of course'. More of a 'well duh, how could he be anything else? Tilda wouldn't date a plumber. Plus he looks all artsy and carefully casually groomed to play the part). Points for the NIN* t-shirt. Surely, he wears it as a fan.

Ms. Swinton's style is selectively specific for the comfort factor while owning the avant garde. She's like a work of art really: the hair, the paleness, the angular face. Ageless. Her choice of comfort clothes offset those panes nicely. Some call her a style goddess. I call her a work of art. And we love you for it Ms. Swinton.

photos courtesy of zimbio.com
*NIN: Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor. Hurt. Cover by Johnny Cash. Maybe you don't need a footnote. But I did. 

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