April 8, 2014

Best of short hair inspired by Kate, Twiggy, Charlize and Audrey


Kate Moss back in the early 2000's. Cute, pixie, modern Twiggy, modern waif: all in all a classic cut that's timeless.

The original Twiggy cut on Twiggy. With the 60's minimalist style as popular as ever, the cut is the cake on the cherry. Or rather, the cherry on the cake. Plus, if you aren't blessed with a long heavy silky curtain of straight hair: try the Twiggy. Add false lashes.

This may be a bad example of gorgeous short hair because Charlize Theron is gorgeous anywhere any placem any time. However, we can attest this cut works (personal experience). And is so practical. And chic. Even without diamond earrings by Harry Winston.

Audrey Tinkerbell Tautou is another face that embraces short hair. And the short hair embraces her. We love it and would love to try it. Emphasis on 'would'. However, we are sure there are candidates out there who would look absolutely fabulous with this cut. Add red red lips. You'll be luscious.


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