January 19, 2014

SAG Awards: Noteworthy Part Deux


Amy Adams in Antonio Berardi. Ms. Adams definitely belongs to the 'well done you' noteworthy. Not a gown for everyone, it suits her. The graphic planes of the dress beautifully offset by a soft Forties hair style. Earrings adding a smidgen of glimmer. All in all très lovely.

Miss Sandra in Lanvin. Since we didn't see this live, maybe possibly the dress isn't quite as bad as it appears on this still. On second thought, it probably is. Sandy girl, you don't have the goods on top to fill out the décolleté. It looks all smushed and loose at the same time. The dress appears to stand still while the body moves underneath. Hair is not great either. We recommend a shade lighter. Next time. We like the shoes though.

Helen Mirren as Julius Caesar. Without the ear ornaments, the look would have been redeemable. See how that works? One little thing can change everything. Oh well. As is, too much gold. The gold on the bodice needs to be spray painted black. Where's Banksy when you need him.

This is Ariel Winter. She is also a member of the 'Modern Family' cast. She is 15. I honestly don't know what to say..the dress is pretty? Yes. The dress is pretty. But seriously, what normal father would let his daughter appear on national television displaying to much boobage?


Images courtesy of popsugar.com

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