January 12, 2014

Golden Globes: Lola's Choice

And the Golden Globe goes to Emma Thompson for "Saving Mr. Banks" because no one plays uptight Brits better than Emma. Okay, well, Colin Firth but he looks better in Tom Ford than Pringle of Scotland.

Now, normally I would not go see "Mandela: Walk to Freedom". Not because I don't like him. I do. Worthy of the utmost respect as a statesman and as a compassionate politician. Mr. Mandela is just too good, you know? I can relate to bad people better than good people. Don't psycho analyze. Everybody loves a good bad person. However, if anyone can give Mandela some rough around the edges, it's Idris Elba.

The movie hasn't gotten great reviews but who cares? "August: Osage County" gives us a smoking, foul-mouthed bitching, miserable mother of Julia Roberts courtesy of Lady Streep. Besides, we hope for a stab at yet another rep of Hollywood tyranny during her acceptance speech.

Ever since I saw Oscar Issac as Orestes in "Agora"' he had my vote as best actor in a musical or comedy (comedy? Inside Llewelyn Davis? ). He plays a wonderfully relentless miserable person.

My background requires me to root for Daniel Brühl playing Austrian icon, former race driver, passionate pilot and infamous cheapskate Niki Lauda in "Rush". Despite being directed by Ron Howard, the movie is actually pretty good.

Nothing else CAN win in the best TV drama. Seriously. "Breaking Bad". This year. Next year. The year after that.

Edie Falco in "Nurse Jackie". Jackie made it through rehab so she deserves this. Although the season finale has left me confused. Did she or didn't she swallow?

That's all. Good night and good luck!


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