November 15, 2013

Serial Love: Call the Midwife

When my sister recommended this series, I thought to myself: okay, that sounds like totally boring. Midwives? Babies? No thanks. I am not a baby person. I don't coo nor gush at the sight of babies. In fact, I'm prone to move far away should a baby riding on the same mode of transportation as me decide to be present. So that was that. Carry on Breaking Bad.

But, as all bad things must come to an end, a post on Refinery29 got me curious enough to watch one episode of Call the Midwife. The ladies of Nonnatus House, East London, the year 1957, got me. Fourteen (plus one delightful Christmas special) episodes later over the course of a week and I am here to tell you: how wonderful is this. Very British, composed, reserved, modest, gripping and utterly charming while dealing with some serious issues women faced then and now. I can assure you: you will love it. We follow these independent young ladies through the crowded streets of Poplar (historic residential part of the East End)  as they deal with all things life. That's all I would like to say really. Give it a go and you'll see.

Call The Midwife available in the US on Netflix and video on demand. And you'll be happy to know Jenny Lee and Chummy will back back for a third season next year. Bravo!

By the way, the cast is simply brilliant with a special shout out to Miranda Hart, Jessica Raine, Jenny Agutter, Bryony Hannah and the voice of Vanessa Redgrave, who will make tears spill from your eyes every time.

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