November 17, 2013

blue, black, bags

Blue and black are the colors of bruises, fading irises and rotting plums. Perfect for November. The month of gray, mist, fog and dancing leaves.

The coat is the most expensive piece at just over € 700. Not everyone is willing to spend that much on a trend pattern i.e. leopard print but as the colors are muted and classic, we'd be willing to take a leap of faith on wool felt with leather trim. Wool felt does well in the rain so a selling point for me since I don't find a trench wonderful. The rest of the look: modestly priced. Especially the bag. It's a cheap bag that isn't trying to look like it's not. We like that.

In fact, we are seriously pissed off at the price of nice bags these days. Less than ten years ago, you could buy a bag from Chloe or Gucci or Prada for about $1000. The most expensive bag I bought was a Chloe bag for $1300. The Edith bag. And it was and still is an awesome bag.

The Edith Bag by Chloé
Nowadays, a 'nice' bag (and I'm not talking Michael Kors or the cheaper Marc Jacobs line - they are stand-in bags for the bags most want to afford but can't so they end of spending between $300 and $700 on often mediocre products) costs upwards of $1300. And that  is absolutely ridiculous. The so-called it bags have risen to realms beyond $2000. Or in Buzz Lightyear talk: to infinity and beyond. Not that I give a flying fart about which bags it girls are carrying. We choose bags we love. But the prices are plain and simple crazy insane. I am not prepared to spend over $2000 for a Saint Laurent bag even though we find them lovely and practical. Nor are we willing to spend $2500 on a less trendy designer of the moment.

We are retreating from the 'must have this bag' frenzy. Instead, we are looking for and wearing bags that look cheap and are not in any way, shape or form masquerading as expensive bags. Hail to the plastic shopping bag. It lasts for centuries.

items and where to purchase: via polyvore
the Edith bag purchased at Liberty London, 2006 

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