October 20, 2013

what's new pussycat? le fourth

That desert haven of shopping splendor and plastic perfection, Beverly Hills, now has a cultural center. The opening of the Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts (sponsored by Salvatore Ferragamo) was, by default, splendid. (we do hope 'legally blonde' will turn into 'culturally blonde' with Brewser hosting guided tours for other culturally curious dogs)

But hark? What black doth yonder window break? Ms. Charlize Theron, our Queen of the night. Fabulous black gown (by Alexander McQueen) on Ms. long and lean. We don't hate you Ms. Theron because you seem genuinely nice. Plus we loved "Young Adults".  Highly recommended.

Amy Adams in princess blue. No idea who her partner is here but we shall find out. Elie Saab was Ms. Adam's designer of choice. We approve. Nice touch with the satin pointe-shoe-esque pump. Little blue clutch. All tres pretty pretty.

Gwen Stefani as the token pop star. But she's cool. And the gown whispers do the cha cha cha. We adore gowns that speak softly and carry long fringes.

For more on the Wallis Annenberg Cultural Center, click here lovelies.

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