August 9, 2013

what's new pussycat? (la deuxieme)

Diane Kruger in Nina Ricci frou frou

Diane Kruger in Mary Katrantzou
Diane Kruger could be a Nina Ricci girl if she weren't German. Germans are just too professional and put together. Nevertheless, Ms. Kruger wears the black Nina Ricci frock well. Fab choice of shoes. Oh la la. We do love those red suede pumps with the beautiful black.  Now, the gown definitely looks better from the back (très coquette) From the front, reminiscent of Wild Wild West saloon hussies. But hey, we love saloon hussies. Wild wild west - whacka whacka.

The Mary Katrantzou print dress is so pretty, fits Ms. Kruger perfectly (lovely bust); just gorgeous. Sehr gut gemacht Fraulein.

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy
Another blonde in black - Ms. Seyfried - chose Givenchy for the Vegas premiere of "Lovelace". Classy. Similar shoes, similar styling to Ms. Kruger, with the soft 40's style waves, red lips, and it suits both ladies equally well. Très nice. Honorable mention goes to Amanda's toes.

Oliva Wilde in Osman
The lady in Red: Ms. Wilde is wearing Osman at the New York City premiere of that abysmal movie "We're the Millers." The only upside of rotten movies: we get to see nice gowns.

Jodie Foster in Roland Mouret
Jodie Foster in Roland Mouret at the premiere for "Elysium". Lovely shoes (Jimmy Choo), lovely dress, lovely hair (really love the hair). Not visible on this photo, but a close up of her feet (which is weird in itself to take close ups of people's feet) showed she had dry heels. Which made us shout to the heavens: thank god there is a star normal enough to be well, just normal ie not perfect (we're being completely serious here). We love "real".  Jodie's heels didn't look like a bowl of cornflakes or rice crispy cakes or anything (which obviously would be kind of gross) Just a bit dry. And so we felt totally cool leaving the house in sandals exposing our dry heels.  Ms. Foster: we think you're awesome. Dry heels for everyone!

The movie itself: Wikipedia says this: "scenario is a ravaged Earth in 2154 and a luxurious space habitat, dealing with political and sociological themes such as immigration, health care and class issues." Translation: sounds depressing. Plus Ms. Foster sports a really depressing wig. That may have influenced our perception.

NB: now we understand why all the reps and security wear black: it makes for an awesome background.

Jodie Foster at the premiere of "Elysium"

Cate Blanchett in vintage Balenciaga
This vintage Balenciaga gown is worth featuring because it's so little bow peep unusual. Yes. That is a good description. We'll go with that. Ms. Blanchett is traveling the world for "Blue Jasmine", Woody Allen's latest. Getting lots of buzz and maybe we'll see more 'unusual' gowns draped on Ms. Blanchett as we head toward Awards season.

Tom Ford lipstick 'bruised plum'

Chantcaille lipstick Persimmon Hydra Chic available at

We'd like to suggest two red lipsticks via Harpers Bazaar that we think rather divine. Our lovely red carpet ladies have inspired us to maybe possibly use lipstick more often.

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