August 15, 2013

what's new pussycat? le troisieme

We do love the granny dress over the granny pants by Gucci on Ms. Amanda. And a nice modern touch with the heels. Lovely all around. Even the granny-esque hair. Pretty pretty pretty. We like. Seen in London; premiere of "Lovelace"

We are speechless. Who wears shoes and a bag that matches the hair? The drapping folds on the bodice aren't doing Ms. Hendricks any favors either. I hope she uses a lot of sunscreen.

In last week's New Yorker, Emily Nussbaum describes Diane Kruger's acting in "The Bridge" as cyberborgeque. This could mean Ms. Kruger is a robot from some faraway place and we've yet to crack the acting code. Until hackers have cracked the code, wouldn't she be perfect for the female version of Robocop?

We still think you have a lovely style. Seen here in Carven at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual luncheon. (but why are they holding it in "The Shining" hotel?)

Love the dress. But the shoes (rather standard strappy sandals) are old school making the whole look just this side of not brilliant. Nevermind. Your lovely smile Ms. Longoria makes up for it. You are fabulous. Seen at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's luncheon. Still at the creepy hotel. (not really, but honestly, it is a rather horrid background, no?)

We have to throw in a snap of Ms. Rossum strolling around in Beverly Hills in a cute summer dress. Nice bag too. But Ms. Rossum, we still think that shade of dark is too dark. The hair. We mean the hair.

Our favorite look of the day: Ms. Laura Carmichael also known as the Lady Edith Crawley, in London. Season four of Downton Abbey will hit the small screens in the UK soon so we reckon that's why she's out and about. Get a load of those legs! They are fabulous. Skinny, true. But fab. They rival Kate Moss' legs. You go girl.

Ms. Olivia Wilde in Clover Canyon attended the same event as Ms. Kruger and Ms. Longoria but she got a better posing background. And we love her look: fresh, modern from head-to-those-awesome-green suede shoes. Oh la la. We do adore them Jimmy Choo.

some face time for the lads: Ashton Kutcher at the premiere of the Jobs movie in New York, wearing Rag&Bone.  We're featuring Monsieur due to the fact that we do want to see the movie. Also, we feel he's always gotten flack for his acting. And we think he's actually rather charming. Let's see how he does in a role more challenging than kissing Natalie Portman and Seann William Scott.

Helen Hunt is currently on location shooting some kind of movie which requires her to surf hence the Hollywood need for a body double when she's out of the water. We ask why this deceiving of the public? Can't we take less than pert bums?

The answer to the above question: maybe not. Saggy bottoms can be quite traumatic*. This one belongs to Donatella Versace. Although, honestly, she looks less scary from behind.

* I must remark, that, generally speaking, I am against all falsification of body parts. One should be proud of all the seats one has sat on. No matter how much wear and tear it's gotten.

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