July 7, 2013

the best of the rest: on the street

Early summer in the fashion capitals is very busy (one has to get all the stuff in before everyone jets off to Sardenia, St. Tropez, St. Barts,  or enjoys the empty city streets of Paris and Milan when everybody else is at the beach) : Mens Wear in Milan, Haute Couture in Paris, Fashion Week in Berlin and parties - lots of parties. We've chosen a small collection of looks we saw and liked.

Converse girl with the tulle skirt was seen in Milan by Vogue Italia.

girl in black seen in Milan by Vogue Italia
Virginie Ledoyan seen at the Paris Couture Shows by Vogue Paris
We always seek out the simple and elegant ladies: Ms. Ledoyan looks chic without the pretense. Lovely.

Mila at Chanel, Paris Couture Week 
Everything Mila wears seems to be with a wink: we like that. And here she goes with that kind of old-fashioned sailor look. Cute. The Peggy hair goes with the outfit.

La Moss on the streets of London (we think) wearing a simple ol summer dress (simple doesn't mean cheap - it's a Balenciaga) The bag is Balenciaga as well. We stopped there because we think the shoes are horrid.

Another Kate (Bosworth) wearing a summer dress from TopShop. Nothing special, something you'd see non-stars wearing which is why everyone gets so excited: "oh look! They wear clothes just like you and me! Golly gee!" Well, yes they do. And they use the loo like me and you too.

Julianne Hough wearing TopShop denim. We'd not hugely estatic about her choice of shoes but okay. We'd pair with sandals. But still: cute

We haven't even read the July issues yet! Anyway, some of the August issue covers have been released. This is one of them - it's cute. Pixie Geldorf on Elle UK wearing a pixie cut. Suitably suitable.

images of Kate Moss, Kate Bosworth and Julianne Hough courtesy of whowhatwear.com


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