July 1, 2013

the best of July Covers

Miss Scarlett will grace the cover of the first issue of Vanity Fair France. Why? Because the French want their own version. Oh, and they adore Miss Scarlett not only because her boyfriend is le french but because she owns an apartment in gay Paris, divides her time between here and there and most importantly, they think her le very elegant. Et le sexy. We agree.

We used to read Tatler quite often (probably because we thought we'd turn into a Lady Mary. Impossible. We'd never get the accent right). Anyway, Suki Waterhouse is on the cover representing the 'new British Beauties.'  We want to read about the sex and power. Oh, and what drugs people are taking these days.

Katy Perry on the cover of Vogue USA. Pretty and prettier dress. But why did they make you sit on wet grass, Katy? Also, may we remark that we think your hair color is a just a tad too dark.
Miss Kate Upton on the cover of Vogue Brazil.  Yes, we know. This is most likely to be the most popular cover. And it's nice to know that 'sexy' is 'sexy' in every language.  

Elle Sweden celebrates 25 years. This is by far our favorite cover of the bunch. We immediately want to go lie in the sun. In black and white.  

Mila Jovovitch on the cover of Elle Russia. Now, we do like the swimsuit and her styling; but what's up with the brown background? Very strange. Looks like a Empire Carpet showroom.

The forever young Christy Turlington on the cover of Harpers Bazaar US: a classic cover, in that it's simple, practical, gets the message across. Doesn't scream: buy me. Unless you think they will reveal how/why Ms. Turlington looks awesome at 44. Well, we'll tell you: she's a model. She has great genes, classic bone structure and gets paid to look that way. There. You just saved $5.99. Unless you want to know how to wear the new skirt length.

go forth and fashion ladies.

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