July 7, 2013

ladies in yellow: the coming color

The lady in yellow by Thom Dewing 1888
It's the color of lemons (freshest fresh), roses (softest yellow), pineapples (juicy&sweet), sunflowers (face always toward the sun) and the color of the stars: so why don't we wear it more often? Well, let me tell you, if you get the wrong shade, you definitely won't look like a rose. But more and more fashionable ladies are showing us how it can work. If you are pale and paler, then go with pale. If you're not, go bright and sunny. Or pale. You may choose. That's all. It's summer. Wear some yellow. For a change. 

pale brocade yellow on Eva Mendes in NYC 
The lemon squeeze sundress on Solange Knowles
the pale chiffon on La Moss a few years ago
Pineapple yellow at Achtland Berlin, Spring 2014 collection 

yellow roses at Dimitri, Berlin Spring 2014
Lemonade with ice cubes yellow at Lena Hoschek, Spring 2014
winter sun yellow at Louis Vuitton Resort 2014
mustard yellow cords and Ms. Kate Upton
lemon sorbet at Nina Ricci Spring 2014 
sunflower silk at Nina Ricci Spring 2014

image of Louis Vuitton courtesy of style.com
images from Berlin Fashion week courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin
Eva Mendes courtesy of Us Magazine
Kate Moss courtesy of somewhere (google) 
Solange Knowles courtesy of somewhere as well (I forget) 
image of Kate Upton and Ken Jeong courtesy of GQ
Nina Ricci courtesy of ninaricci.com


zuuRich said...

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Kiss from Swiss, Kira

Veronika said...

absolutely. Love your black/white shoes, the shades and the cute straw bag. Very nice. :)

zuuRich said...

Thank you :D
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