June 10, 2013

The Tony Awards: Best Dressed, Honorable Mentions and Ms. Sophia in LA

A contest of purposeless suffering. Ms. Scarlett made some headlines because she dressed against type in Saint Laurent. And you know, it didn't work. The hair and make up is lovely but she isn't a grunge girl, a waif, a model or rock n roll. Just because Saint Laurent is cool and trendy, doesn't mean you have to go with it. So no. We no likey. Stick with Dolce & Gabbana Miss Scarlett.

Alan Cumming wasn't nominated for his one-man show "Macbeth" but he was dashing on the red carpet nonetheless. We love him because we had the honor of working with him in this really weird DIY indie movie years ago which induced us to follow his work. He is the best reason to watch "The Good Wife."

Ms. Cicely Tyson gets an honorable mention for her gown because it looks like it was crafted by the hookah-smoking caterpillar. 

Cyndi Lauper won big for "Kinky Boots" (for all winners and nominees, click here). She's cool therefore need not be judged for whatever she's wearing. She doesn't play the game. We love that. But Ms. Lauper does look like she may have a  psychotically hostile cat of mixed ancestry at home.  

We loved "Smash" and we thought Ms. Messing fab in it. Sad it ended. Glad she is wearing one of the best black frocks we've seen this year to the Tonys. Have we mentioned we hate peep toed pumps? Maybe because the jolly tart who lived next door wore them. Tumbling association.

images courtesy of style.com

She stands against fuss, overdecoration, pretentiousness and heaps of stuff tormented into irrelevent shapes. Her approach is always unsnobbish. Interesting that she finds the opposite so compelling for her films.

Ms. Coppola, wearing Louis Vuitton, in Los Angeles, her kingdom, for the premiere of "The Bling Ring". For a very interesting review, see the New York Times article 'Stealing Fame'

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