June 7, 2013

the sundress

a holiday in Corfu, South Beach, Greece

Morning: It's still cool outside. You throw on a white cotton dress over your white cotton knickers. Following the narrow cobblestone street down to the bakery, you pass a fountain in the village square. Cupping your hand, you take a drink. Cold water runs down your chin.

Mid-Morning: You down the last of the espresso. Beach bag in one hand,  flip flops in the other. Stone steps smooth underneath your feet as you head down the stairs out into the heat; wearing dark shades, that white sun dress and a bikini underneath. Flip flops slap the sidewalk as your toes grip the soft foam.

Late-Afternoon: It's hot. That hot hot where you think about a siesta in the shade of your cool blue and white room. A last swim. Dripping wet as you slip on the dress; keep cool to walk home. The dress clings to your skin at first, gradually letting go. The hot wind dries your skin.

Evening: The white sundress is hanging outside in the sunshine. It smells like the sun. And the sea.

Later: You walk barefoot along the beach; the sand is cooler now. Warm light glows at the end of the cove. The taverna. Somebody waves. Sitting down in the sand, you slip on leather sandals. As you get up, sand clings to your cotton dress. You brush it off as you hurry toward him. The sky is ink blue, candles on the tables. It smells like olive oil and fish and garlic and fresh bread; heavenly. You tear off a chunk of bread that is sitting on the table in a bread basket; stuff it in your mouth. "I am starving." He smiles. So do you.

A sundress for summer.

sundress seen at madewell.com
for a selection of swimsuits: Lola's Pinterest
location: Corfu, South Beach
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