June 2, 2013

Late Night Love: Nine

When a big splashy movie is about to come out - with a long long list of  big stars, big songs, big hype -  you just hate it because everyone is making such a fuss over it. Well, that happens to us a lot.  We dislike hype. Movies rarely live up to it. It's so much nicer to go into a movie cold, not knowing anything, being surprised, virginal. Unless you don't own a TV, that is impossible in the States because here you are bombarded day and night with trailers, late-night talk show stints and general gushing leading up to the opening of said movie.

What to do? Wait. Time passes and (sometimes) washes away the bad taste; at least most of it for a willingness to discover the movie when it appears on late night TV, tucked away into a dark corner of a 3AM time slot. So here we go: "Nine" the musical. There are enough fabulous musical sequences with sex, baud, burlesque, glitter, gyrations, leg kicks and gorgeous participants to warrant staying awake.

The plot: a high strung Italian creative is having a mid-life crisis; just too many ravishing women in his life to please. Shortness of breath and general anxiety plague him. The viewer is treated to his women singing and dancing in fabulous costumes, stunningly captured on film in sexy choreography whilst lamenting and venting about their Guido.

Marion Cotillard is fierce in diamonds, Kate Hudson tosses blonde locks in fringes and silver boots, Penelope Cruz pouts in Moulin Rouge mode, Nicole Kidman in fur and fabulous clothes is divine and Fergie kicks sand.  Aside from the talky bits in-between (boring), we have to say: we loved it. Daniel Day Lewis as the wavering lothario was suitably frantic and quite sexy at the same time.

Rob Marshall of "Chicago" fame directs, costumes are by Colleen Atwood (gorgeous), cinematography by Dion Beebe (dazzling).  Stars Daniel Day Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Judy Dench, Sophia Loren, Stacy Ferguson.

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