June 24, 2013

all the pretty dresses: the best dresses for the season of love

A cup of tea please, Agatha. I'll also have strawberries, whipped cream and crumpets. 

 New York: Peter Som for Anthropologie

Let's run through the meadow in the Bois de Boulogne. A picnic basket will be waiting for us at the end of the rainbow.

2. Les Envies for Nina Ricci
 I'm off to lunch for some pink ice cream and a mint julipe. Have the driver pick up Pepper as well. She just loves pink ice cream.

3. Paris: Cacharel Spring 2013

There is something very charming about the fire swamp: flame spurts, ligthening sand and rodents of unusual size. Come save me Westley.

4. New York: Caroline Herrera Spring 2013

I almost bought some pastel trousers but I chose a book instead.

5. London: Clement Ribeiro Spring 2013
Welcome to my world bitches. Get me my latte, extra hot.

6. New York: DKNY Spring 2013
Even thought they smell like petting zoos, take me to a renaissance fair darling.

7. Paris: Isabel Marant Spring 2013
 que linda Conchitta and don't forget to cover my grave in red roses

8. Berlin: Lena Hoschek Spring 2013

 a dogged follower of fashion without caring one single bit. We love it.

9. Paris: Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

Nine dresses and nine things to do while wearing them.

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