May 21, 2013

Cinema love: Carmen by Carlos Saura

Love and jealousy are blood brothers. Carmen is one tough bitch, badass, fierce. Beautiful beyond words but she doesn't give a shit. She doesn't bat her eye lashes or swing her hips. Carmen carries a knife; she'll shred a guy's heart if he gets too close. That is pretty much the story. Written by Prosper Merimee -  a short story. The opera has the most fabulous music ever (sure you've heard it at some point) composed by Georges Bizet.

Flamenco dancer/director Carlos Saura presented his version of the ultimate chica mala in Cannes 1983. Nominated for a Palme d'or and winner for best artistic contribution, Carmen brought the audience to its feet. Everybody loved it. We love it still.

"Eres la Carmen", he says to her. "Amor", she says to him and proceeds to make his life hell.

This "Carmen" weaves and entwines the plot between the staging of the flamenco version and the two protagonists. One of the best 100 films ever.

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