May 15, 2013

All the World is Cannes: Audrey Tautou and the 66th Film Festival

Mistress of ceremonies at the 66th Festival du Cannes that is Ms. Audrey Tautou. (remember, last year we had Diane Kruger - her first dress was Versace and it was quite hideous). The fairy presence of film, Ms. Tautou, looks lovely in her simple summer dress (Valentino did a good job of disguising Valentino). Really, she can do no wrong. She is the type (petite, gamine, French) who can wear anything and she'll evoke a "sigh, I wish I looked like her" without conjuring up any jealousy whatsoever. We like that. (Don't despair, we are all awesome in our own way. No. Really. We are.)

I do wonder what the job description is of "mistress of ceremonies"; probably just showing up at the most important events looking pretty. Mission accomplished Ms. Tautou.

We shall be reporting in our own officially unofficial capacity on the festival which begins today and goes on through May 26th with the best photos, events and films. In our opinion, naturally.

for a taste of last year's festival, click here: Cannes 2012

photos of Ms. Tautou courtesy of Premiere.Fr
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Tribute to the Tribe said...

Such a lovely dress!

Veronika said...

I agree. Style of the 50's without too much of it. Thank you for stopping by :)