April 28, 2013

working girl: what to wear on Monday

A simple dress with fabulous shoes. Very sixties, very classic, very cool. Works for a stylish working place or a working place that needs more style. You choose. Be daring.

Hair pulled back (if you don't feel like washing it tonight); add color with matte cherry lips. A silk scarf as a tie for your shirt adds polish.

Use a ribbon (any color) to change up your white blouse (or any blouse). Keep the face nude and fresh.

White is the non-color of Spring and Summer. Add a white blazer to jeans and you are good to go to any office. (Okay, maybe not if you work in a lawyer's office. But you know what works for where you work.)

Some more ideas of what to wear, what colors, what shoes, what types of skirts (swinging skirts are lovely for the Spring)

Denim from head to toe is not do-able for some work places. But a denim shirt with a black leather skirt or a white skirt is. Or a denim jacket over a silk blouse and trousers. Combine with ballerinas, loafers, pumps, an up-do and you conservative enough for a bank.

Okay, this may be appropriate if you're a dog-walker. But dog walkers want to look cute as well.

The white suit. Wear any color t-shirt underneath. Bag? White if possible. All white is the trend. And white is a staple you'll have forever.

photos all courtesy of elle.fr
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