April 7, 2013

Spring Things: best hair in braids, buns & pony tails

Dancing inspirations: with a hair style like this you can twirl and spin your way through the Spring and Summer. Not like the Tasmanian devil obviously. We're thinking more along the lines of a graceful ballet dancer.  These styles are simple to do -  all you need is long hair. If you had your hair newly cropped into the shoulder-length bob (like me) then you might want to invest in a fake pony tail with you can braid as well. Stock up on hair gel, hair spray and lots of bobby pins. 

The low pony tail with side part.  How do it: give your hair a blow-out so it's sleek and shiny. Then proceed to fasten with a thin hair band. Wrapping a piece of hair around the band is optional. Only freshly washed hair looks as effortlessly messy as shown here.

The messy bun - can be done any which way. And actually can be done without a hair stylist. The same applies as above: wash and blow dry hair. Use hair pins to fasten loosely in the back. 

Heidi from the Alps says hello. Braids wrapped low or high - the perfect style for hot summer days and nights.

photos courtesy of Harpers Bazaar and The New York Times

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