April 18, 2013

Serial Love: Da Vinci's Demons

British Actor Tom Riley as Leo
Love, ethereal muses, gleaming thighs, succulent kisses and life-threatening sex (No, no STD's - Leo goes right to the top and has a romp with the Duke's mistress) Add betrayal to the mix along with the ubiquitous deception; behold the canvas of Da Vinci's 16th century Florence - painted with strong, fantastical strokes - as interpreted by creator David S. Goyer. Mostly fantasy (imagine Baron Von Munchhausen telling the story) but supremely entertaining fantasy.

Da Vinci himself - or Leo - as his friends call him, is handsome, witty, headstrong, crazy talented (not only with the brush but with the sword and is able to talk himself out of pretty much any situation). Wow. How much of this "untold" story of the 25-year-old renaissance man is historically accurate, is anyone's guess. Florence was ruled by the Medicis and Lorenzo de Medici did mentor Da Vinci. The rest? Chi sa and we don't care.

Filmic styles borrowed from the Guy Ritchie/Sherlock Holmes instruction manual (you know, those speed ramps going from extreme slow motion to super speedy and back again), sweeping pans up and around a not great CGI Florence; but you know what?  If you want to submerge yourself in one of the most fascinating eras history has to offer, the occasional technical flaws can be overlooked. The actors are talented and pretty; the action gripping. Magic and mystery, secret societies and oblique references to the soul, fate and memories - so far, we find it awesome.

always a mysterious woman to follow through the narrow streets of Firenze

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