April 8, 2013

Say it with flowers

top and skirt Iceberg
Chiffon skirt by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti
top and skirt by Marni

Would you like to be surrounded by flowers all the time? Audrey Tautou will be playing Chloé in an upcoming film; release date in France April 24th.  Her character develops a strange illness which can only be treated if she is surrounded by flowers. All the time. Whimsical director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) is directing "Froth of the Daydream" based on a Boris Vian novel of the same name. Everyone who has read it says to read it in French as some words are hard to translate but there are a few English translations around. Kind of an awkward title in English. In French it sounds so much more elegant "L'ecume des jours".

Anyway, back to clothes and flowers. April showers and flowers are finally here (the weather is getting better by the day) and flower prints are rather nice in modest quantity. The Marni top and skirt is rather lovely even though it reminds us of a botany babe. Not a bad thing by any means. Below some flowered items we like. (Just hover over the item, then click and it shows the label. At least it is supposed to - the site is having glitches)

Say it with flowers editorial seen in Elle UK photographed by Enrique Badulescu, Fashion editor Madeleine Christie

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