March 2, 2013

Serial Love: Braquo

The chick is such a shrewd badass we immediately became intrigued. Braquo is a French TV series comparable to The Wire or The Shield. Common ground between these three cop dramas: excellent writing by an insider: an ex-cop. We discovered it on hulu. So if you get hulu, season one of three is currently showing. If you are in Europe, check your local cable company, or just get the dvd. So worth it. Fans of gritty cop dramas, real cop dramas, will rejoice.

Premise in a nutshell: a group of cops avenge the death of a colleague. The cops are good bad cops or bad good cops  - however you want to look at them.

The cops

Roxanne: "Do you want to become a shit like your father?" says Roxanne's retired cop father when she comes for advice. The only thing covering her make-up free face is cigarette smoke.

Eddy: Tired, fierce, extreme, loyal: all these traits combined make him the natural leader, the one all the cops look up to, the one who won't cave under pressure no matter how hard it comes at him.  He will revenge the suicide death of Max at all costs.

Theo:  The pretty boy; weak, whiny, brutal, mean and a coke addict. The erratic link who will be protected by his mates nonetheless.

Walter: Thick set with the obligatory shaved head. He may have the physical traits of a thug at first blush but his eyes give him away. They are kind. Gambling is his weakness. You may suspect this affects his partners-in-crime.

All the bad shit seems to happen at night, these anti-heroes moving within shades of black and clouds of more cigarette smoke. The rat squad is hot in pursuit. So are the bad guys.

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