January 24, 2013

A Visit from Your Fairy Godmother

Couture or not to couture? This is a question us mortals need not pose nevertheless it's amusing to dream of the day when our fairy godmother arrives to grant us a wish. We shall wish for a gown by Rochas. Black velvet in the front and pink satin in the back.

No, this obviously isn't the gown we are talking about. This tinkbell-esque gown by Alexis Maville was shown yesterday in Paris during the Spring couture shows taking place this week in locations at least as intricate and theatrical as the gowns. We still can't quite grasp the need for couture as the buyers are way too conservative to buy anything artful and daring. The Pret-A-Porter collections do more in the way of innovation, edge and cool than any couture collection. Still, yes, we admire the fantastical craftsmanship put into each gown. And we imagine seeing these creations breeze by in real life is surely something we'd never forget. Off to Paris!

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image via style.com

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eifeltorentje said...

wow, that's a beautiful dress!