December 2, 2012

The Romance of Miss Laurant

a very short bedtime story and really, with fashion like this, you need a good romance to go with it. 

She was staring out the window. Snow was falling. It was quiet here in a dark corner by the tall windows. Luc’s reflection appeared behind hers. The girl's gasp bled across the ice cold window, melting the snow stars. Although she had willed him to come find her, it still startled her. He dropped his hands on her shoulders and turned her toward him. They looked at each other. Music in the far far distance reached them even there.

"Why are you here, hiding yourself – away from the dancing?" His hand was on her cheek. It was soft and warm.

"Because it is all just too much for me. What I found out about you. I need to be alone sometimes." Laurant paused. "Honestly, even though this shouldn’t be happening, I wanted to see if you would come. To look for me, " she whispered.

Luc was looking down at her, running his thumb across her delicate cheek bone, moving down, touching her lips.

"You tease me. You know I cannot stay away from you."

He touched his lips to hers. "I cannot,“ he whispered again.

excerpt from The Romance of Miss Laurant by Lola Channing©
fashion by Christian Dior from Marie Claire US December 2012 Issue

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