December 6, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

seen in Marie Claire December 2012 Issue
You are. You have been invited. To a dinner party, a glitterati party, a work party - anything that causes fumes to emit from under you arms because of stress sweat.

It happens to all of us. We suddenly get an invitation to a party we'd actually like to attend. Or there is a party we have to attend because it's for work. Whatever the case, if we have to go to a party, we want to look good. And let's face it: unless you are a jet-setting socialite with party experience and the small change to go with it (knowing where to go, having the funds for last-minute alterations, etc) you are going to end up looking like Bridget Jones. Cute for the movie but it can be avoided in real life. Before you buy a sparkly ruffly ill-fitting cheap rag, just go in what you normally wear. Worst case, get your hair blown out and put on some crimson lipstick. Do your nails in royal blue. Far cooler than looking like a cheap candy wrapper.

Way to avoid a crisis: shop for a party dress when you see one you love and that fits. There are plenty of dresses that multi-task i.e. you can wear for day and for night. The black dress is the classic example and rightly so. Instead of boots, some nice shoes and voilà.

So do look around, try on dresses, lots of them, bring them home, try them on again, return them if necessary. You can find the perfect outfit if you do it when you are not stressed.

Tips in a nutshell:

  • On the cheap: H&M, AllSaints, Dorothy Perkins, TopShop, Zara etc
  • Designer: has everything designer on sale. It is pretty much the best designer outlet site on the web. Obviously, not all sizes will be available so subscribe to the newsletter and check in regularly. 
  • The Little Black Dress: worth buying quality. If you go classic, you will have it forever and can update with the shoes, the color of nails, the lipstick and hair from season to season
  • Support a young designer. Well worth it. 
If you need help finding something, let me know. Maybe I can point you in the right direction.  Below some of our styles and ideas we put together. On pinterest our party time board. It's nice.

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image via Marie Claire. Dress by Marchesa

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