November 11, 2012

Sunday chic: Jessica Biel in NYC

The only thing that gets us up at 7AM on a Sunday morning is when we have to catch a flight back to NYC or if a helicopter is landing two houses down the street. In the middle of the street. A rather narrow street. So we are up, bright and early. We don't look quite as chic as Ms. Biel (think Banksy without the spray can) but we'll try again after we've had some coffee. Needless to say, the helicopter landing incident brought out the neighbors. "Well, I better get back inside and finish breakfast otherwise I'll be too late," declares the little old lady from next door. Evenings, she watches TV with the lights off. Those types are always up at the crack of dawn.

If you are planning to take a stroll at an acceptable hour, keep in tune with somber Sunday. Bright colors are just too much to endure on a day when having coffee, reading the newspaper, catching up with friends or just sitting alone in a cafe reading "Anna Karenina"(our occupation of choice) has top priority. 

Speaking of "Anna Karenina": sounds like one of those boring books you had to read in school or at least should have read: well, let us tell you this particular classic is awesome: it's like a beautifully written romance novel you can be seen in public with. And what is better than the story of a married lady having a fling with a younger guy who is incredibly hot? Exactly. Whatever you do, enjoy the day lovelies. 

photo of Mrs. Timberlake courtesy of Vogue Russia 
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