November 9, 2012

red carpet: best of the week with Keira and Cameron

"Women should concern themselves only with cabbage soup and housekeeping." This wasn't part of a recent conservative political campaign but from Tolstoy contemporary Gustave Courbet, a French painter who obviously didn't think too highly of women outside the kitchen. Thankfully, Monsieur Tolstoy did and gifted us with the spirited Madame Karenina.

Ms. Knightley, clad in Valentino, is attending the premiere of "Anna Karenina" which opens to the general public in the United States next week.  More and more we've come to realize the girl has some serious poise.

Meanwhile, Ms. Diaz was in London for the premiere of her latest movie "Gambit" (Colin Firth, Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci? Most definitely!) wearing Stella McCartney. The dress is great and Ms. Diaz looks lovely from tip to toe. A rare win for the designer  and for the Lady Cameron.

A word about the do's: contrary to popular belief, while both hair styles are lovely, they are not that easy to reproduce at home. Be aware that both ladies had their hair washed, blown out, then styled. And the blow outs these ladies receive belong to the best of the best so trying this at home with a flat iron won't work (unless you already have lovely straight shiny hair). If you are plagued with frizzy hair, want to look fabulous with a shiny pristine do, get it done by a professional. Really. It's worth it. Going to a star stylist is not necessary. Do shop around.

Our suggestion in general for lovely hair: skip the expensive products (all of them) and find a stylist you visit regularly (weekly, twice monthly, whatever). You can ask for a discount and you will be much happier than trying to do it at home.

Hair do from the Salon: around $40. Beautiful hair: priceless.

photos of Ms. Knightley courtesy of The Daily
photos of Ms. Cameron courtesy of The Daily and Fashion Scanner

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