November 28, 2012

Queen of the Night: Black 'n Easy

Black is the Queen of all colors. Always. Again and again.  And as a blonde, you have an advantage over brunettes: the immediate stark contrast. You have bling without the jewels as your hair gives light.

But never fear, us non-blondes still have fun. We read more and have existentialist fears.

Analysis of the outfits: above, a beautifully tailored jacket is key. Wear boyfriend jeans with converse, you'll still look gorgeously sharp.

As with every outfit, you need to determine who is the star: here, it's obviously the motorcycle jacket. We'd prefer one sans the metal, but it's okay. Because the metal on the jacket is the cherry on the cake, everything else is quiet (hence a black ring instead of a bling ring). Nothing else is needed. Fabulous.

The diaphanous shirt gets top billing here. The shoes and shades give it an edge with lux rock 'n roll.

Pointy pumps say: sexy. Always. The sleeveless top is the balance to naked feet in high heels. Bare arms, bare arches. So you look good without the coat. Makes sense, no?

Remember: it is always about proportion.

editorial seen in
photographed by David Burton
styling by Patricia Boin

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