November 5, 2012

get ready for work: your outfit of the week

The above items total $3432, the clothes below from TopShop (sans the boots and bag) $426. Quite a difference. Let's be honest, we certainly can't afford to spend $3000 on an outfit.

However, because we believe in quality over quantity, we do save for one item or the other. We try and choose carefully - something that will last for years. Naturally, we'd like to be fashionable while we save, so we go to TopShop and H&M, check out,, planetsports, ebay and possibly some second hand shops (although I've found them to be ridiculously exspensive)  for cheaper alternatives. Money can't buy you style (Donald Trump anyone? I rest my case) so one has to be creative. 

Instead of buying five of this and ten of that, we'll buy one of each and wait till a great cashmere sweater goes on sale. One thing we won't buy cheap: bags and shoes. The alternative: chucks, messenger bags, funky backpacks i.e. the student look. It works. See the world beautiful*. You'll find something.

Similar items for less:

some more sites to find bargains: (a collection of young designers from around the world at affordable prices)  (the outlet site for net-a-porter.) (lots quirky fun stuff )

*"See the World Beautiful" is the name of a lovely book by Anne Menke that does just that. 

Lola is in no way associated with any of the brands and shops mentioned.

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