November 2, 2012

Downton Abbey: Season 3 is soon upon us

Lavinia had to perish (most gracefully no?) so we could finally hear "Oh Matthew, of course I'll marry you." Miss Swire gave her blessing from beyond the grave via the ouija board so the servants could have something to scratch their caps about.

The proposal itself between the Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley was suitably romantic and symbolic with the Lady Mary dressed in crimson red for "I've always loved you." As the scene opens, Lady Mary is standing outside alone, hugging herself against the cold (an indication she needs someone to come warm her) and true to the romance recipe, enter hero.

For afficionados in the US, January 6th, 2013 is the Sunday we shall be treated to weddings, drama and more soap operaesque diversion of the British upper crust. We are very excited. (Below a storyboard recap of the last scene of the last episode of season two)

above photos courtesy of Elle UK with details about the wedding gowns
photos below of the last scene of Season 2, Episode 6 courtesy of my tv screen and Sky
for more details on Downton Abbey Season three, please click here 

"after all we've been through..."
"I saved that stuffed animal you gave me. Which was obviously a clue."
"We will weather the storm of your disgrace together"
"I just hope you don't end up dead in our wedding bed."

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