November 14, 2012

Clash It Match It: artful mismatching for dummies

Interview Magazine calls this "The Clash". We'd like to add "hardcore". Very cool. What appears to be "Let's dress with our eyes bound" is however a look of artful considered nonchalance. You need to know what you're doing. If you are not versed in the ways of the artful mismatch, under 1,78 and not quite as skinny as your average model (let's face it, they can wear anything) then there are a few things to consider.

The Artful Mismatch for Dummies

1. No more than two pieces mismatched
2. DO mismatch patterns (plaid with stripes, stripes with polka dots, plaid with polka dots etc)
3. Never go plaid on plaid or stripes on stripes or checks on checks etc. 
4. As a beautiful painting needs the right frame, create a perfect frame for your mismatched pieces i.e. keep your outer wear in solid colors
5. You've got two contrary pieces in your outfit and you are wearing a skirt: go solid color on the tights.  Makes them look longer (black, charcoal, navy, plum)
6. match the bag to the key solid piece in your wardrobe

That's all. While we may dream of hardcore clash, start sedately. And we still love a great denim mini skirt. Works wonderfully well with prints.

for more ideas and mismatch looks, click here
The Clash photo from Interview Magazine November 2012 Issue 
Jacket shown by Prabal Gurung, Trousers by Balmain 
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