November 13, 2012

all the pretty coats: Emily Mortimer for L.K. Bennett

Engaging the lovely Ms. Mortimer for the London retail store L.K. Bennett has apparently paid off as now I know a place exists that has enough taste for a well-styled ad using a talented actress. We must say the styling is impeccable: a purple bag with the belt in a different color but in tone matches. Shoes in a beige that goes with the coat although again, not matchy matchy. Well done whoever you are. Ms. Mortimer looks fabulous and we shall open the next tab and check out what else L.K. Bennett has to offer. Hopefully more of the same.

We are back and have duly assessed the offerings: classic simple, some pieces a bit on the dowdy side while other pieces definitely have potential. We like. Reasonably priced as well: some decent bags, lovely shoes and a few versatile coats, dresses and skirts. Finding decent quality clothes, bags, shoes, coats reasonably priced without the "we have to sew on all the buttons first" factor is rare.  L.K. Bennett appears to offer a good median approach. We are excited to have discovered them. If anyone has experience with their assortment, do tell. We'd love to know if the quality lives up to the appearance.

Elysia Wool tailored dress £156

Hayle Bag £395
Letitia Wool coat £425

Dawn Mary Janes £140

Dottie Sequin Leather shoes £210

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