November 1, 2012

Adventures of the Nina Ricci Girl: Ponette forgets her bag

Source: via Veronika on Pinterest

Ponette goes to the theater, Part deux, Richard III is playing

Despite the wish for a cigarette the second the lights were dimmed,  Philip Seymour Hoffman made her forget.  A cloak of darkness covering everything without getting her hair mussed.  Perfect. Pretenses were dropped. The staged events before her enticed. "At least it's honest and definitely more intelligent drama than the theatrics some people she knew indulged in." She shifted her weight. Her bum was hurting on these wooden benches. Authentic is nice but she suspected viewers from Shakespeare's time had more cushioning to sit on during a three-hour play. "Or maybe not." Ponette pondered. 

Richard III was seducing the Lady Anne, his soon-to-be-wife. They were locked in a searing kiss. Ponette felt cold air breathe across her neck. She looked to the doors. "What's wrong?" Fred took her cold fingers into his warm hands. "No, nothing." Squeezing his soft hands, she used the distraction of Richard's seduction to sneak out. "I'll meet you outside?" Fred nodded. 

Orlando's eyes followed the girl in black as she disappeared into the shadows. Holding on to the door until it closed, Ponette walked through the crimson-colored lobby. Gold-stained mirrors reflected light. Crystal chandeliers hung like shiny baubles from the ceiling. Ponette put her bag on one of the velvet Louis Seize chairs waiting expectantly for a human touch. So she did, running her hand along the uneven gold brocade. That weird feeling of being watched came over her again. 

"Je vous adore." Hot breath in her ear. "C'mon, let's go outside for that smoke." Fred twirled Ponette around and pulled her outside. The girl's laughter sounded like the chimes on his terrace when the wind coaxed them. Orlando closed his eyes and imagined what her lips would taste like. He stepped from behind the column. The lobby was empty again. Except for a forgotten black purse.

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