October 2, 2012

The Nina Ricci Girl on Tuesday

The "I'm off to uni" outfit.

Adventures of the Nina Ricci Girl

History is full of glorious romances, gushing blood, dramatic deaths, life, love, sword fights and plots to murder enemies with poison and the heave of an axe. People seemed to love harder and hate unabashedly when faced with the task of lighting a fire without a match.

"I mean, they fought duels for chrissake." Getting worked up over anything was beyond her. At least that was the impression she got when pondering over Henry VIII's decision to frame his wife, then behead her. Huge mistake. Love let kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall. One couldn't help but admire such passion. God knows she'd never soil her shoes for anyone. Ever. Nowadays everyone was so deeply dull cluttered with losers and disturbed fashionistas. "Horribly depressing." Going to university amongst shabby students was the saving grace. It was heaven.

The faces crowded into the lecture hall vibrated with eagerness, trembling on the verge of discovering something wonderful; as yet unaffected by the ration of bullshit one inadvertently acquired when leaving this Camelot. Hot air slowly escaped from her lungs through her nostrils smoothing away any outward interest;  Grandmama's words forever stored in her head: "Eagerness is for dogs." Right she was.

There was a guy sitting off to the side. "What was up with kids these days? Weren't they taught it is rude to stare?" As she leaned in, he could smell "L'air du temps". Her hair brushed his arm. "Never stare at the girl with the fabulous legs" she whispered into his ear.  "Oh honey, your legs aren't that great. But your shoes are."

And that is how Fred and Ponette met. 

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