October 16, 2012

The Adventures of the Nina Ricci Girl: blind dates and a handsome waiter

Handsome Orlando Bloomish-type waiter looks up as fabulous girl walks into the bar. "Queen" classic It's you you're all I see/Ooh you make me live now honey/Ooh you make me live fills the cavernous café. Across space, brown eyes meet blue. You, you're all I see. Time ramps down. Long brown hair sways and is tucked behind her ear, a dimple appears as she smiles. The silk of her dress caresses a willowy body. He stops what he's doing. A frozen moment. Is it love at first sight?

Of course not. Love at first sight doesn't exist darlings. Ponette was signaling the waiter because she wanted a drink. Badly. He'd taste those lips though. He arrived as she was scooting the chair in to the table. The guy sitting there deserved to be overlooked since he didn't have the manners to stand up when a lady approached.

"I will take a G&T. Do you have Hendricks?" Ponette hated not having Hendricks in her gin. Tanqueray was acceptable but preferred the Scottish gin. If one doesn't drink much, one must make sure every drop counts. A functioning alcoholic gave her that advice.

"Of course. Anything else I can get you?" Up close the girl..woman was even more beautiful. Ponette took his hand to draw him closer. He bent down so she could whisper in his ear. "Can you come back in 10 minutes and say I have a phone call?" "Don't you have a cell phone?" He whispered back.
"No." Releasing the waiter's hand, Ponette sat back and smiled at him. "Thank you." As handsome waiter walks away, she winks at her date. "It's a surprise."

to be continued tomorrow

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photo of the Nina Ricci pre-fall collection 2012 courtesy of style.com 
no association exists between this writer and Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci look from the fall winter 2012 collection




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