October 13, 2012

red carpet: Keira Knightly and Sarah Jessica Parker

If we were highway robbers in 1863, we'd definitely ask Ms. Knightly to disrobe, give us the dress, the bag and her shoes, shrink our feet so we could fit into the shoes and not eat three weeks to slip into the dress. She looks ravishing and we have to state here for the record: Ms. Knightly is adorable. She is wearing a Chanel dress, carrying a Chanel bag and burgundy suede Miu Miu platform sandals grace the feet. She was attending a Chanel event in London earlier this week.

Ms. Parker usually gets bad-mouthed by us therefore we'd like to take this opportunity to praise her for everything in the photo except the head. She looks streamlined and elegant. Yes. We are using the term "elegant" and SJP in a post.

We do scratch our heads about the hair and make-up: Ms. Parker sells herself as very fashion forward therefore keenly aware of trends. Personally, we haven't seen this horrid hair style on the runways of New York, Paris, London or Milan for at least three seasons. Certainly, we're sure mall shows at Glitter,Delight&Tacky in Dallas, Texas sport this style ad nauseum. Need we say more? Our suggestion: indulge in some nostalgia and re-visit season three of "Sex and the City", the "Frenemies" episode. You looked fabulous so do your hair* like that. Lose the waves. They make you look droopy.

* SJP's hair was tightly pulled back into a low wavy pony tail during that episode 
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photo of Keira Knightly courtesy of Vogue Russia
photo of Sarah Jessica Parker courtesy of fashionscanner.com

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