October 15, 2012

What is your fashion?

Our fashion credo: fashion shouldn't be age-specific* but personality specific. We understand grouping styles according to age is easier to categorize (what to wear in your 20's, 30's, 40's etc) and works as a rough guideline however we suggest embracing your personality (physically and metaphysically) to express who you are.

Lola sees fashion from an artistic and literary viewpoint and refrains from stamping our opinions on anyone. We make suggestions based on our aesthetic.  We take physiognomy, inner and outer characteristics; put that into the mixing bowl, add our sense of proportion, lines, shapes, forms and color palette to that: voilà.  Out comes Lola's Style: one star item, surrounded by well-chosen extras.

Know yourself. Follow your in intuition. And above all, be comfortable. Go discover your fashion. Nina Garcia said something wonderful on an episode of "Project Runway": wearing something fabulous makes you feel fabulous." It's true. 

* unless you are 18 or under. Seriously. Young girls should dress age-appropriate which in our book means demure and covered up. Yes. We are conservative that way. Young ladies have time enough to wear sexy clothes. Fresh innocent youth is attractive on its own and doesn't need plunging necklines and micro minis.

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