October 10, 2012

Last Challenge Part Two: Project Runway Season 10

Zoe Soldana was absolutely delightful as the guest judge on the avantgarde challenge titled "In a Place Far, Far Away".

Ms. Soldana's thoughtful contribution was a nice surprise after the slew of past guest judges who often seem rather tongue-tied. Not everyone has the gift of eloquence but you'd think designers such as Mondo Guerro and Anya Ayoung-Chee would at least be able to express one coherent thought about fashion. They're weren't awful but they weren't exactly bubbling with much of anything except really hairy legs. 

Ms. Soldana was sweet perfection all around: her dress was lovely (Michael Kors) as well as the styling spot on. We love her. 

Nina Garcia was wearing Marni looking sophisticated with a touch of whimsy. She has her style down. 

What was more fun than usual about this episode was the judging. Heidi was slashed a few times by the Kors claws. 

Heidi (judging Sonjia's gown): "I love the color. I can see many stars wearing this dress on the red carpet."
Michael Kors: "It looks like Nancy Kerrigan skated through the banquet hall. It looks like the banquet blew all over her. I don't think it's avantgarde and I don't think anyone would wear it on the red carpet." (pointedly looking the other way)
Heidi: "I love the bare back."
Michael Kors: "And the back is awful (paraphrasing here) It looks like an old lady all spanxed up."

and snap. We do enjoy invigorating take downs. Personally, we thought the gown awful as well and it was Sonjia who ended up going home. Christopher, Melissa, Fabio and Dmitry move on to Fashion week (which obviously already happened but we are still excited for next's week show!)

Sonjia's avantgarde design for the last challenge

 photos of the judges courtesy of tomandlorenzo.com
photo of Sonjia courtesy of lifetime.com

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