October 9, 2012

Last Challenge Part One: Project Runway Season 10

What supermodel was caught on television committing at least two of the seven deadly fashion sins? Fräulein Heidi should give this dress a kick in the hiney and wave "auf wiedersehen." Seriously.  

Hervé Leger is a designer we despise anyway (the brand's signature bandages wrapped around the body - tightly - has always been a pet hate of ours) If you are thin enough to wear tight dresses, you don't need the Spanx look as outter wear. And if you need some artful styling to hide a flaw, then this is out anyway. It's just awful. We can't get over ourselves how unflattering this designer's dresses are. 

Ms. Klum is slender, she has great legs, a great body - we know this already. Why oh why would one choose a dress that is too small, too short, shows your pantie lines and is just too horrible for words? We'll skip the horrible (matter of taste; yes we know) But really, the too small and too short are totally valid arguments. She has been there, done that. Move on to something a tad more elegant please. We beg you. La Klum looks uncomfortable or if she isn't, we sure as hell are.

In regards to the volantless version La Klum wore: in our opinion, it's not worse or better than the original runway design. We find both absolutely horrid.  And please, can somebody just burn those gladiator sandal boot things? We shudder to think about the state of feet & calves come next Summer.

Dearest Ms. Klum: may I interest you in some Nina Ricci? You would look so fabulous. Sigh. This, hingegen, just makes us sad.

Herve Leger
Heidi Klum in Asos
The next outfit Ms. Klum chose for the Last Challenge episode of Project Runway Season 10 was a simple shift from Asos. We think it commendable when stars wear clothes we can also afford ($35 for the dress).  Not that we really need pandering from millionaires ("Look at me. I am normal. I am wearing cheap clothing") so we will move on to the more pressing question of "what is up with the belt sweetheart?"

Minus points for trying to shorten the shift (no tailors around to shorten it? since Ms. Klum has a chronic case of "look at my legs"itis) with the belt. Good lord.

See below how cute this dress can look.  We shake our head in confusion.

Shift from Asos

photos courtesy of the fabulous tomandlorenzo.com

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N.Scott said...

Heidi Klum in Asos- her knees look like they have little faces on them. Just say'n.