October 5, 2012

discover: Moulin Rouge and the Walking Dead

Grace Kelly, soft kid gloves and "Creature from the Black Lagoon": the fracas of the 1950's is resurrected by Austrian designer Lena Hoschek. She has channeled these and other pop cultural signifiers for playful glamour and decidedly wearable designs. We love her dresses. The "Moulin Rouge" dress above is from her fall/winter collection. Below is a look at the Lena Hoschek collection for Spring 2013 (Bizet's Carmen would so have bought the red dress) as well as a behind-the-scenes feature. The make up is far out and reminds us of very fashionable Walking Dead who dig roses. Quite wonderful.

A behind-the-scenes look from the Lena Hoschek Show at the Berlin Fashionweek on 4th of July 2012. For more information visit http://www.lenahoschek.com


As Tertulías said...

Great, Veronica!!!!

Veronika said...

thank you sweetheart.