October 26, 2012

sirens with blood-drenched lips: Marc Jacobs fall winter print ad

Black satin shimmered in the sun light like peacock's feathers. With that greenish tinge. The greenish tinge of faded black. How long do they stand there? Five sirens in their weeded meadows starred with flowers gaze. Iridescent eyes cast toward the sea. Speak they did not; the sirens voice lures to a watery grave.

Hot winds then cold sighed across their breasts; gold threads brushed cheeks. Only the wind would caress for their fingers drew more death. What a way to die. Blood-drenched lips kissed farewell.

When night comes they rest. Remove their heads and go to bed. 

Marc Jacobs print ad for fall winter 2012
Halloween-themed interpretation courtesy of Lola©

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