October 20, 2012

Prepare to Swoon: Anna Karenina and its Stars in Vogue USA

Pass by the local apothecary ladies and gentlemen for a vial of Versailles' finest smelling salts: a new Vronsky is coming to town. He has the physical attributes described in every romance novel we've read (brooding stare, caress-worthy hair, noble nose and forceful eyebrows). Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the guy. We shall see if he can act. Jude Law is top bald as Karenin and Keira Knightley is beautiful in period. (We do hope we can get past her teeth this time)

The story of Anna Karenina: Vronsky was intrigued with conquest, Karenin was intrigued by tradition, Anna was intrigued by love.  It doesn't end well. Ah. We do enjoy tragic love stories.

Keira Knightley in costume, Jude Law in Rag and Bone, Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Prada photographed by Mario Testino for the October 2012 issue of Vogue US
"Anna Karenina" is currently showing in the UK, opens in the US November 16th and across most of Europe in December 2012

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