October 15, 2012

Adventures of the Nina Ricci Girl: How to quit smoking on a whim

Source: style.com via Veronika on Pinterest

"I am actually an EXCELLENT sick person.  I just want to do well in my race.  And you know...  16.9 percent chance of tooth failure for smokers."

Ponette exhaled smoke in her friend's face. He was preparing to run the New York City marathon. The notion of running for more than twenty minutes on anything other than a treadmill was too dull to contemplate.

"That's mean." Nicki had the cutest twinkly brown eyes.

"It's your own fault. Why would you quit smoking for a such minor procedure? It's not like you had open heart surgery."

"In my defense, I don't complain. I pretty much just like to watch TV and be left alone when I'm sick.  Although feel free to make me soup and dance around naked for me." More of the twinkly eyes effect. 

"Maybe next time. I have classes to go to." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and let herself out of his walk-up. He made her smile.

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photo of the Nina Ricci pre-fall collection 2012 courtesy of style.com 
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