October 11, 2012

Adventures of the Nina Ricci Girl: Ponette meets Fred

He was a decently dressed wise ass nerd who had his trousers pulled up a little too high. Fred was in his fifth semester ahead of schedule with three majors performing like a circus pony, perennially surrounded by female groupies hoping the glow of his academic brilliance might penetrate their brains.

"And to get access to his notes," Ponette thought to herself. "He must have father issues." She was holding one shoe in her left hand (an annoying pebble), smoking with the other and waiting for the lecture hall doors to open while eavesdropping on Fred's nasal observations of unfortunate dressing habits encroaching his realm.

She thought he was a stuck up bitch. He thought she was a stuck up bitch. They had something in common. Fred had noticed her as well or rather her shoes. She admired his gumption for insulting her prior to "Strange Enlightenments: An Introduction to the Fantastic in Irish Literature" last term. At least somebody had the courage to talk to her. Good lord, these silly young things were so timid. Ponette hated platitudes but they more or less became this thing they call "instant friends".  Amazing how distain for people and a love of academics could bond (maybe not love but close enough. Ponette rarely used the word).

This semester they shared "Extra-Marital Love-Relationships in Anglophone Literatures from the Middle Ages to the Present". Fred's enunciation was so very upper crust British. This grated somewhat on Ponette's nerves but well, nobody's perfect. Giving Fred a verbal smack down would have been pleasurable but their newly-formed friendship got in the way. They'd find opportunities to be condescending to the general public as bff's (although for the life of her, she never could remember what that stood for)

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photo of the Nina Ricci pre-fall collection 2012 courtesy of style.com 
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